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Coordination with other Workshops

Coordination with other Workshops may be taking place

  •  CERN Theory Institute on SM@LHC, Physics and Tools: 12 June to 7 July 2017. A coordination is taking place between the activities in  Session 1 of Les Houches 2017 (SM). In particular the CERN Workshop takes place at the end of Session 1 and will allow some of the participants and conveners from Session 1 to carry over some of the activites to the CERN Th Institute.
  • Higgs as a Probe of New Physics, 1-5 March 2017, Toyama, Japan.    

The Les Houches Centre for Physics is located in the French Alps, about an hour from Geneva and an hour from Annecy. The Centre has a tradition of organising Schools, Workshops and Conferences for more than five decades now and boasts an excellent library. For the purpose of this Workshop a special computing system will be installed.