Aim and Format of the Workshop
This Workshop is the fourth in a series whose aim is  to bring together theorists and experimentalists working on the phenomenology of the upcoming TeV colliders . The emphasis will be on the  physics of the LHC during its first few years of running with a strong interplay between, on the one hand  what has been learned from the Tevatron and on the other hand how the next linear collider could complement what will be learned from the LHC. The impact of cosmology and astrophysics will be addressed. Themes to be covered in the Workshop range from Quantum ChromoDynamics to  the mechanism of Electroweak Symmetry Breaking , notably Higgs physics , Supersymmetry, the phenomenology of Extra-dimensions and Little Higgs models. The interdependence between the signals from the New Physics and their respective backgrounds will be stressed.  Two Working Groups have been set up covering these different aspects of the searches at the colliders. The projects are to start in January 2005 and should be completed by the end of the year 2005.

The meeting at les Houches, between May 2nd and May 20th , will be the culminating point of the Workshop where, besides the Working Group activities, a few lectures and review talks are planned. Participation to the Workshop is open to all however due to space limitation in Les Houches, attendance to the meeting is limited to 70 participants at any given point. Due to the overwhelming response of the past three sessions,  this session is over a period of  almost 3 weeks. Though we expect some participants to attend the full duration of the meeting, plans will be made so that a certain number of participants cover either the first of second half of the meeting, allowing us to accomodate about 110-120 participants in total this time. 

Les Houches Centre for Physics is located in the French Alps, about an hour from Geneva and an hour from Annecy. The Centre has a tradition of organising Schools, Workshops and Conferences for more than five decades now and boasts an excellent library. For the purpose of this Workshop a special computing system will be installed.

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