Working Groups

  • NLO Multi-leg (twistors, bootstraps, improved standard techniques and simulations)
    This group will address the issue of theoretical predictions for multileg processes, in particular beyond leading order, and the possibility of implementing these calculations in Monte Carlos. It will also aim at a cross breeding between novel approaches (twistors, bootstraps,..) and improvements in standard techniques.
  • SM Handles and Candles
    This group will review and critically compare existing tools for SM processes, covering issues in pdf, jets and Higgs physics.
  • New Physics
    This is a beyond the Standard Model group, subdivided into SUSY and new models of symmetry breaking. It will also address the issue of model reconstruction and model independent searches based on topologies.
There will also be an intergroup dedicated to Tools and Monte Carlos. This intergroup will liaise with all WGs with the task of incorporating some of the issues and new techniques developed in these groups in view of improving Monte Carlos and setting standards and accords among the simulation codes to better meet the experimental needs.
The projects are to start in Jan 2007 and should be completed by the end of the year 2007.
A more detailed plan of work and lists of specific topics will be provided by Dec 1st 2006, when registration opens. When registering, it is important to note that at the Les Houches meeting some activities will be covered either in
  • Session I: 11-20 June 2007
  • Session II: 20-29 June 2007

 NLO Multileg Working Group

  • New approaches      Sessions I+II
    (string inspired, bootstrap, ...)
    TH conveners: Z. Bern (UCLA, USA),  L. Dixon (SLAC, USA) and Z. Kunszt (ETH Zurich, CH) 
  • Improvements on standard techniques      Sessions I+II
    (semi-numerical approach, automatization, new reduction schemes)
    TH conveners: S. Dittmaier (Max-Planck, Munich, Germany) and G. Heinrich (Edinburgh U, UK)
  • NLO event generators, cross sections      Session I
    (integrating NLO calculations and MC's, NNLO issues, wish list, contact with experiments, ...)
    TH convener: D. Soper (Oregon U, USA)
    Exp conveners: J. Huston (Michigan U, USA) and B. Kersevan (Ljubljana U, Slovenia)

 SM Handles and Candles Working Group

  • Comparison of existing tools for SM      Session I
    (MC, PDFs, underlying events, ...)
    TH convener: M. Kraemer (RWTH Aachen, Germany)
    Exp conveners: C. Buttar (Glasgow U, UK) and J. D'Hondt (Univ. Brussels, Belgium)
  • Issues in jet physics           Session I
    (jet definition, new jet algorithms, power corrections, ...)
    TH convener: G. Salam (LPTHE, Paris, France)
    Exp convener: M. Wobisch(Louisiana Tech. U, USA)
  • Higgs production and decays      Session II
    TH conveners: S. Dawson (Brookhaven Lab, USA) and M. Grazzini (Florence, Italy)
    Exp conveners: A. Nikitenko (Imperial College, UK; ITEP Moscow, Russia)
    and M. Schumacher (Siegen U, Germany)

 New Physics Working Group

  • SUSY           Session I
    (reconstruction, spin correlations, radiative corrections, cosmo issues, ...)
    TH conveners: M. Nojiri (KEK, Japon) and T. Plehn (Edinburg U, UK)
    Exp convener: G. Polesello (INFN Pavia, Italy)

 Intergroup Tools and Monte-Carlo for the SM and BSM             Sessions I+II

Contacts: P. Richardson (IPPP, Durham, UK) and P. Skands (Fermilab, USA)

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