Family Name First Name Topic
Arbey Alexandre - Dark matter tools - Phenomenological constraints from dark matter - Interplay between dark matter searches and collider data
Balazs Csaba dark matter at the LHC supersymmetry unification SLHA generalization
Basso Lorenzo Implementation of new models in existing tools. BSM predictions for the LHC. Study of signatures: from parton level to detector level. Data interpretation.
Belyaev Alexander Phenomenology of BSM models promising for early LHC data, related to my latest publications on Technicolour, generalised Z' models and Supersymmetry as a theorist as well as the member of CMS collaboration. I also plan to present a new version of CalcHEP as one of its author and its application for LHC physics.
Boos Edward Models with extra dimensions, tools for BSM
Bunichev Viacheslav Tools for automatic calculation processes BSM.
Campanelli Mario jets, radiation, vector bosons, Higgs
Datta AseshKrishna Phenomenology of new models of EW symmetry breaking, SUSY phenomenology, issues of model reconstruction and model independent searches based on topologies, technical issues in working with DELPHES, PGS, ME+PS, Spin correlations and model discrimination, DM models and LHC signatures
Dolan Matthew *Statistical Techniques and Tools for Model Fitting/Reconstruction and Parameter Inference *Phenomenology of General Gauge Mediation (unusual topologies, NLSP physics, dark matter candidates)
Duhr Claude Implementation and validation of BSM models into MC generators with the help of the FeynRules package, e.g., implementation of non-minimal SUSY models and/or models involving higher dimensional operators.
Fuks Benjamin I wish to work on new developments for FeynRules, especially regarding the implementation of supersymmetric theories. I would like to dedicate time to the implementation of the gravitation superfield and an automatic derivation of the RGEs for any SUSY theory (in the prospects of a spectrum generator generator). In addition, I would like to use the full chain "Model > FeynRules > Matrix element generators > parton showering > hadronisation > detector simulation" to work on specific pheno SUSY projects with the people attending the meeting. I would like to emphasize that I wish to focus on beyond the MSSM models, not only on the widely studied MSSM, and try to devise a strategy search in order to disentangle different SUSY theories in the case of a SUSY-like discovery at the LHC.
Guadagnoli Diego 1) Use of transverse collider variables, such as mT2 or variations thereof. 2) Top-related observables, e.g. top production, decays to lighter quarks, asymmetries.
Gwenlan Claire Coordinating all MC activities for ATLAS experiment (SM/BSM tools, MC tuning, PDFs,...)
Jezo Tomas PDF fitting - Markov chain Monte Carlo; Z',W'@NLO
Kraml Sabine Constraining New Physics from LHC data and dark matter searches.
Mahmoudi Farvah Nazila - Interplay of flavour and collider (SuperIso code, new interfaces, new models, Flavour Les Houches Accord) - Phenomenology of SUSY and Extradim (RS)
Moortgat Filip Searches with few fb-1 at the LHC. Early model discrimination. Tools for setting limits on generic BSM models using the published LHC search results.
Pukhov Alexander automatic calculation of matrix elements, BS Models, Dark Matter.
Richardson Peter higher order and BSM simulations
Sekmen Sezen BSM: In general, BSM interpretation of the first few fb-1 LHC data. - Application of Bayesian techniques (in particular, the referece prıors) to the solution of multi-parameter problems, which are central in new physics, especially SUSY searches - Inference on SUSY dark matter using the eary LHC data. - Using the 3rd generation in new physics searches Tools: - With the start of LHC, interest in interpreting the LHC results in terms of BSM physics by both theorısts and experımentalists grows. Les Houches is a good opportunity to discuss standard requirements for such projects. One such requirement is a common repository of an ınclusive set of SM background events. This project was initiated in Les Houches 2009, and it could be continued in 2011. Another necessity is a fast generic detector simulator. The recently developed Delphes is a very promissing candidate. Thorough studies could be performed on this tool such that it is in a position to be blessed officially by ATLAS and CMS as a tool that can represent the simulation of these detectors
Shepherd-themistocleous Claire Leading various analyses in CMS in Exotics searches. Z', Quantum Black Holes, Boosted Zeds, Hidden Valley signatures. Interested in simulation issues, interpretation of observations in LHC data, novel signatures. By the time of Les Houches we should have significant data from the LHC. Interested in exploring the inferences we will be able to make.
Skands Peter Tools and MC convenor for BSM
Slavich Pietro Organization; MSSM Higgs boson production; Developments on the Flavour Les Houches Accord;
Tlisov Danila Search of heavy right-handed neutrino and W-boson at CMS.