Family Name First Name Topic
Alcaraz maestre JUAN SM physics, searches at the LHC
Alioli Simone Merging NLO calculations with SMC according to the POWHEG method
Andersen Jeppe Multi-jet studies (e.g. dijet azimuthal decorrelation, jet vetos) V+jets (better understadning of SM processes to aid suppression in new physics searches) H+jets (cp-properties, jet vetos for gluon fusion suppresion in WBF studies)
Badger Simon Multi-Leg Amplitudes. Analytic and numerical techniques. Standard interfaces between public codes
Boudjema Fawzi --SM NLO: New techniques and automation for 2->4 --Spin and coupling determination, LHC connection to Dark Matter
Buckley Andy Monte Carlo tools and standards MC systematics Jet structure and Higgs physics Future of PDF distribution
Butterworth Jon SM cross sections and measurements, jet and subjet physics, Monte Carlo tuning...
Campanario Francisco QCD calculation to Multi-leg processes.
Chachamis Grigorios Multi-jet events, gauge boson pair production, 2-loop massive Feynman integrals, Monte Carlos
Chanon Nicolas - Differential reweighting of PS events with ME higher order generators - H->2photons BSM
Ciulli Vitaliano Vector Bosons+jets and in particular I am interested in: Connections/differences between LO, NLO and MC jet clustering for complex n-parton final states Data correction and unfolding Systematic uncertainties in ME+PS and NLOwPS
Cossutti Fabio SM processes modeling, with particular attention to V+jets. Implementation of MC tools with special attention to their usage in LHC computational/analysis environment.
Draggiotis Petros One & Two loop correction and QCD
Figy Terrance Higgs physics, model discrimination
Francavilla Paolo Jet measurements in pp and heavy ions collisions. Tools for the measurement of jets and jet substructures. Event observables using jet such as energy flow using jets. Interplay of non-perturbative effects in the jet production and impact on the MC tunes. Jet spectroscopy for SM and BSM searches.
Gascon-shotkin Suzanne NLO/PS Matching, Higgs observables, TH/EXP comparisons : how to? (particle level, with QED FSR, EW corrections..)
Greiner Nicolas NLO QCD corrections, Automations
Guillet Jean-Philippe photon physics
Heinrich Gudrun Automation of NLO calculations NNLO calculations Public tools/programs Interface NLO/Parton Shower Prompt Photons
Huston Joey higher order calculations and comparison to data
Kallweit Stefan SM multi-leg processes at NLO (particularly QCD)
Kurihara Yoshimasa NLO-QCD Event Generator
Lazopoulos Achilleas NLO multileg processes and NNLO Higgs observables
Lenzi Piergiulio In the context of the SM and NLO multi-leg I'm interested in the comparison of different tools for the production of vector bosons plus jets. I'm participating to the analysis of this signature in CMS Concerning the MC tools session, I'm interested in aspects concerning the tuning, and would like to work on automatic tuning tools
Loch Peter UE & MB modeling, pile-up in jets, jet substructure extraction in the presence of pile-up, hadronic event shapes
Luisoni Gionata NLO and NNLO calculations, QCD phenomenology
Maina Ezio Multiple Particle Interactions Electroweak Symmetry Breaking Vector-Vector Scattering
Maitre Daniel NLO automation
Mellado Bruce SM backgrounds to Higgs searches and impact of QCD/EW HO corrections
Muehlleitner Margarete I apply for session I and hence my main focus is on topics 1) and 2) see below: 1) Calculation of NLO QCD corrections to generic SUSY cascade decays. Combination of the NLO production and decay process in a NLO parton-level Monte Carlo program. 2) Major improvements and extensions of Higgs and SUSY decay programs as SDECAY, SUSY-HIT and HDECAY. Intense discussions with experimentalists about their wishlists are foreseen. Since I apply for session I there is no New Physics group. But I will particate from remote in the BSM discussion in session II and work on this 3) EWP constraints on composite Higgs models. Effects of composite tops on single Higgs and Higgs pair production. 4) Radion production in gluon gluon fusion.
Nurse Emily group convenor
Oleari Carlo NLO Monte Carlo
Olness Fredrick PDFs, Heavy Quarks, W/Z/Higgs Production, Theoretical uncertaities, e.g., Jet cross sections
Ossola Giovanni Techniques for NLO multi-leg calculations
Pilon eric NLM
Pittau Roberto SM and NLO Multi-leg: * Higher Order Calculations and Techniques * Public Computational Tools * NLO/PS Matching * Higgs observables * Jetology Tools and Monte Carlos: * Automation of NLOwPS * Tools availabibility * Loop benchmark point library
Platzer Simon Parton Showers, NLO Matching and Merging, higher-order QCD corrections
Popenda Eva Improving predictions for SUSY cascade decays through inclusion of NLO QCD corrections to generic SUSY cascade decays and combining the NLO production and decay processes in a fully flexible NLO parton-level Monte Carlo program.
Re Emanuele Merging NLO with parton showers (POWHEG)
Reiter Thomas Automatization of one-loop calculations, NLO predictions for the LHC
Rzehak Heidi - Higgs observables beyond LO, also in the MSSM, as e.g. the gluon fusion cross section at NLO - improvements of the tool FeynHiggs - calculation of processes with multiparticle final states (e.g. with number of external legs > 8 at LO; also in the context of the MSSM)/ combining (and comparing) MC tools for a good prediction - calculation of processes at NLO
Salam Gavin Jets; their use for BSM searches; precision calculations
Sapeta Sebastian Jetology, Public Computational Tools
Schumacher Markus Precision predictions for Higgs boson production and decay and the relevant background processes. Comparison of calculations and event generators. Estimation of syst. uncertainties. Maybe also pseudo-observables in the Higgs sector.
Schwoerer maud Susy, Diphoton + jets analysis
Smillie Jennifer High Multiplicity Jet Production (including effects of Hard QCD Radiation) High Energy Jets (HEJ) Monte Carlo
Somogyi Gabor Higher order calculations and techniques, in particular subtraction at NNLO.
Soyez Gregory perturbative QCD, Jet physics
Spira Michael Higgs and SUSY particle production and decay at NLO and beyond Higher order tools
Stewart Iain * Higgs Production from gluon fusion and jet veto effects. Uncertainties in the 0, 1, ... jet bins. Analogs for W/Z + jets as well. * I am interested in building on the interface of NLO Multi-leg computations for hard matrix elements of Higgs and W/Z production, with SCET computations for the subsequent evolution (analytically via jet and soft functions, or alternatively in an improved beyond LL parton shower framework).
Stockton Mark Photon physics at ATLAS: I was responsible for NLO inclusive cross-section predictions, generated with Jetphox. These predictions included scale and PDF systematics. Current work: Photon+jet measurements, including photon+heavy flavour studies.
Tackmann Frank Resummation of cut-induced logarithms (jet-veto cuts, isolation cuts, etc.) in exclusive jet processes, with particular attention to Higgs production.
Tramontano Francesco Theoretical predictions for multileg processes
Trocsanyi Zoltan calculation of NNLO corrections to jet production and/or matched NLO+PS predictions for t tbar production in association with jet(s)
Weber Marcus - Monte Carlo tools for higgs phenomenology - multi-leg nlo calculations - automatization of nlo calculations and interfacing to parton showers
Weinzierl Stefan Automated NLO multileg calculations, matching to parton showers
Winter Jan *Colour-dressed one-loop amplitudes generated according to EGKM method and their use in NLO cross section calculations *MC event generator Sherpa *Phenomenology studies using modern Monte Carlo event generators
Yundin Valery One-loop tensor reduction. NLO multileg QED corrections.