Questionnaire and Evaluation for CNRS (French Public Research Institute)

Name (Optional):

Professor     Post Doc       PhD Student    Researcher   

Scientific Department (CNRS members only):

Current research topic:

Number of years in research (including your PhD years):
≤ 4     4 < and ≤ 10     > 10    

1. How did you learn about the Workshop?
Mail     Internet       Poster    Colleagues    Reputation   

2. Did you register:

  Other, please specify:

3. What did you gain from this Workshop (choose three answers maximum)
a)Basic concepts in a field
b)Updated or improved knowledge in a field
c)New knowledge on a topic closely related to your research
d)Knowledge about a theoretical and/or technical tool
e)Overall view of current research
f)Meeting with specialists
g)Setting up new collaborations
h)Other, please specify:

4. In your opinion, did the Workshop meet your expectations  (improved knowledge, thematic change,...)?  

5. If not, which topics would you like to see more extensively covered?
(specify the fields or topics)
6. Was the length of the Workshop satisfactory?  

7. In your opinion, the Workshop will allow you to:    (choose three answers maximum)
a)Improve the quality of your research 
b) Redirect the focus of your research
c) Start new research projects 
d) Develop collaboration with other researchers 
e) Visit different/new laboratories 
f) Enter a new network
g) Make new publications
h) Further read about a specific subject
i) Other, please specify:

8. In your opinion, which were the good and bad points of the Workshop?

9. Which were the educational methods offered during this Workshop which seemed the most relevant to you?

a) Discussion groups 
b) Pratical works
c) Informal discussions  
d) Working groups 
e) Informal talks 
f) Lectures
g) Tutorials
h) Focused discussions
i) Other, please specify:

10. Are there other method(s) you would have liked being used during the Workshop?

. Which of the following occasion provided a better environment for exchanges with the participants and the conveners? 
a)Plenary sessions 
b)Working groups  
d)other, please specify :

12. Do you wish the Workshop to be continued?  
If not, please specify why: