BSM and New Physics Working Group, Session II                           Session II: 8-17 June 2011

The emphasis this year will be on alternatives to SUSY that address the problem of symmetry breaking, although some aspects of SUSY phenomenology will be addressed. It will also address the issues of model reconstruction and model independent searches based on topologies.  The impact and analysis of earlyLHC data will be covered. The connection with  Dark Matter and the impact from astrophysics and cosmology will be addressed especially that we expect new data in this field.  The prospects with a high energy LHC (28TeV) will be discussed.

TH convener: B. Gripaios (CERN, CH), J. Santiago Perez (Granada U., Spain)
Exp conveners: G. Brooijmans (Columbia U, USA) and F. Moortgat (ETHZ, CH)

Contact for Higgs Physics:  M. Felcini (Univ. Coll. Dublin, Ireland)


  • Early searches/discoveries: LHC 1 fb-1 vs Tevatron 10 fb-1: topologies and mass vs coupling sensitivities (towards model independent limits)
  • Early model discrimination: what can 1 fb-1 tell us?
  • Prospects and updates on an LHC energy upgrade
  • qq vs qqbar resonances: models & experimental distinguishability
  • LHC signatures of asymmetric dark matter (see e.g. arXiv:1010.0245)
  • Prospects for distinguishing different dark matter stabilizing symmetries at LHC. Z_2 vs. Z_3 etc.