Workshop: Physics at TeV Colliders
Les Houches, France 8-18 June 1999

Aim of the Workshop:
The aim of the Workshop was to bring together theorists and experimentalists working on the phenomenology of the upcoming colliders (Large Hadron Collider and Linear Collider). Topics covered in the Workshop are related to the issue of electroweak symmetry breaking notably Higgs Physics and Supersymmetry, with an emphasis on the strong interplay between the signals from the New Physics and their respective backgrounds.  Three Working Groups were set up with projects starting in Februray 1999. The meeting at les Houches was the culminating point of the Workshop where besides the Working Group activities a few lectures and review talks are planned.

Programme in les Houches

Working Groups (SUSY, HIGGS, QCD/SM)

List of Participants to the Workshop

Local Organising Committee:

Patrick Aurenche, LAPTH,
Geneviève Bélanger, LAPTH,
Fawzi Boudjema, LAPTH,
Jean-Philippe Guillet, LAPTH,
Eric Pilon,  LAPTH,
Gilles Sauvage, LAPP ,
Robert Zitoun, LAPP ,

International Organising Committee
 J. Bagger (Johns Hopkins University)
 D. Denegri (CERN and Saclay)
 A. Djouadi (LPM, Montpellier)
 M. Fontannaz (LPTHE, Orsay)
 D. Froidevaux (CERN)
 J. Huston (Michigan State University)
 M. Mangano (CERN)
 F. Richard (LAL, Orsay)
 Y. Shimizu (KEK, Tsukuba)
 P. Zerwas (Desy, Hamburg)


Other Related Ongoing Workshops:

There will be a strong collaboration between the QCD/SM Working Group and the Working Groups of the CERN LHC Standard Model Process Workshop.

2nd Joint ECFA/DESY Study on Physics and Detectors for a Linear Electron-Positron Collider.

The French GDR SUSY

Physics at Run II -- Supersymmetry/Higgs

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F. Boudjema