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 +====== Low Mass Higgs -> gamma gamma ======
 {{2015:​groups:​higgs:​morehiggs:​selection_538.png|The logo of DokuWiki}} {{2015:​groups:​higgs:​morehiggs:​selection_538.png|The logo of DokuWiki}}
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       export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:​$complete path$/​pythia8209/​lib ​       export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:​$complete path$/​pythia8209/​lib ​
       make HAS_PYTHIA8=true DelphesPythia8       make HAS_PYTHIA8=true DelphesPythia8
 +Build your pythia card, this is an example for H->gg, note that the input lhe file is defined here
 +      Main:​numberOfEvents = 100000
 +      Beams:​frameType = 4
 +      Beams:LHEF = /​home/​miloc/​lhe/​h125SM.lhe
 +      25:onMode = off
 +      25:​onIfMatch = 22 22
 +      ​
 Finally to run Delphes, do  Finally to run Delphes, do 
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 We have 3 theoretical models (frameworks) where our final state is applicable: We have 3 theoretical models (frameworks) where our final state is applicable:
-Theory 1: Werner+Theory 1: Werner: in the NMSSM the lightest neutralinos/​chargino can be mainly the MSSM higgsinos. 
 +In case of a large singlet-doublet couplings, one gets sizable cross section for 
 +pp -> chi chi H_1. Here chi chi is the summation over all higgsinos which are mass degenerate within a few 
 +The second interesting process ist pp -> H_3 -> H_1 H_1 where the H_3 is the heaviest neutral Higgs boson. 
 +The third is pp -> t t -> W b H+ b where H+ decays into W H_1 and the later to gamma gamma.
 Theory 2: Ulrich Theory 2: Ulrich
 +Theroy 3: Giacomo and Aldo
 +The model consists of a scalar which is pair produced by gauge interactions:​ qq -> H' H', and VBF -> H' H'. At low mass, the kinematically allowed decays are: W gamma (charged) and gamma gamma (neutral).
 +We can start considering a triplet of SU(2)L, with production channels H'+ H'-, and H'+ H'0. We will create a MG file asap.
 +A sample model, with a singlet decaying in VV (but not gamma gamma): [[http://​​abs/​1502.04718|1502.04718]]. More references to follow soon.
-Theroy 3: Giacommo and Aldo 
 Experimental ATLAS: Nicolas Experimental ATLAS: Nicolas
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 === Meeting 3: Wednesday 17th at 14:30 === === Meeting 3: Wednesday 17th at 14:30 ===
 Preparation of the summary slides, based on your inputs in this twiki Preparation of the summary slides, based on your inputs in this twiki
 +Presentation draft:
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