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-__Diboson resonances__+====== Diboson resonances ======
-Summary talk with links to ATLAS and CMS documentation pages: {{:2015:groups:​np:​dibosonressummary.pdf|Chris' ​Talk}}  ​+//If you are interested in contributing please subscribe ​to the [[​e-groups/​​searchValue=houches-2015-topics-bsm-vv-res|Mailing list]]. You will be asked to log in with your CERN account. If you don't have a CERN account, please fill [[https://​​account/​Externals/​RegisterAccount.aspx|this form]] to create a lightweight account.//
 +Summary talk with links to ATLAS and CMS documentation pages: {{:​2015:​groups:​np:​dibosonressummary.pdf|Chris'​ Talk}} ​
 +RSC Picture of DiBoson Resonance Board (prior to VH discussion),​ June 15 
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