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philippe.gras Added "W mass", which was in the sign-up page
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 [[qg|Quark/​Gluon Enrichment Studies]] [[qg|Quark/​Gluon Enrichment Studies]]
 [[nloew|NLO EW technical comparisons]] [[nloew|NLO EW technical comparisons]]
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 [[photons|Photon studies (isolation, fragmentation,​ resummation...) for direct photon measurements]] [[photons|Photon studies (isolation, fragmentation,​ resummation...) for direct photon measurements]]
 +[[wishlist|Update of the wish-list for precision theoretical predictions]]
 +[[NNLOpropagation|Propagation of NNLO results]]
 +[[2015:​groups:​topicsignup:​wjets|Precision comparisons for W + jets]]
 +[[2015:​groups:​topicsignup:​scales|Scale choice]]
 +[[2015:​groups:​topicsignup:​wmass|W mass]]
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