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 Examples: {{examples.tar.gz}} Examples: {{examples.tar.gz}}
-main101: Read and shower LHE files; write to HepMC+**main101**: Read and shower LHE files; write to HepMC
-main102: Event history in Pythia 6 format+**main102**: Event history in Pythia 6 format
-main104: MLM matching (ttbar + 2j)+**main104**: MLM matching (ttbar + 2j)
 {{ttj-matched.jpg}} {{ttj-matched.jpg}}
 +**main105**:​ Run with fastjet and make simplified event with jets and leptons (from W or Z only). ​ Useful for quick studies. ​ (P.S. For Harrison: Also useful if you want parton-level jets, just turn hadronisation off in main105.cmnd)
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