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     *ttbar     *ttbar
   *Gap fraction: Q0, inclusive in Delta y   *Gap fraction: Q0, inclusive in Delta y
-  *for tt+jets as background to ttH see here: https://​​twiki/​bin/​view/​LHCPhysics/​ProposalTtbb 
 ===== Samples generated by: ===== ===== Samples generated by: =====
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 **Rikkert Frederix:** **Rikkert Frederix:**
   *MadGraph5_aMC@NLO + Pythia8, inclusive ttbar   *MadGraph5_aMC@NLO + Pythia8, inclusive ttbar
-**Simone Alioli:*+<del>**Simone Alioli:** POWHEG+Pythia8 ttbar+0,​1jet,​ with MinLo</​del>​ 
-  ​*POWHEG+Pythia8 ttbar+0,​1jet,​ with MinLo+
 **Stefan Prestel:** **Stefan Prestel:**
   *Pythia8+UNLOPS merging up to 2 extra jets at NLO   *Pythia8+UNLOPS merging up to 2 extra jets at NLO
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