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 What will it be? Lyrics, Music? What will it be? Lyrics, Music?
-[[2015:​lh2015_theme_hey_jude|LH 2015 Theme "Hey Jude" proposal by Luca (with Lyrics and Chords)]]+[[2015:​lh2015_workin|LH 2015 Theme "​Lumberjack"​ ]]  
 +[[https://​​s/​gxmhvoelijw4sha/​MAH01530.MP4?​dl=0 ]] 
 +[[https://​​s/​cehuxyylvtypj2y/​Swonderful.pdf?​dl=0|LH 2015 Higgs-Countersong "What a Swonderful World"​]] 
 +[[2015:​lh2015_theme_hey_jude|LH 2015 Theme "Hey Jude" proposal by Luca (with Lyrics and Chords)]] ​<---- (Session 1)It's too difficult to sing!!! 
 +[[2015:​lh2015_theme_All_About_The_Higgs|LH 2015 "All About The Higgs"​]],​ the official session 1
 See the 2013 and 2003 Themes ​ See the 2013 and 2003 Themes ​
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