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 ====== Signatures with displaced tops ====== ====== Signatures with displaced tops ======
-People interested: Nishita Desai, Matthew McCullough, Fabio Maltoni+People interested: Nishita Desai, Matthew McCullough, Fabio Maltoni, Benjamin Fuks, Stefania Gori, Dipan Sengupta, Devdatta Majumder, Haiying Cai, Biplob Bhattacherjee,​ Shankha Banerjee, Gabriel Facini
 Discussion: ​ Tuesday morning? ​ (Added by Matthew) Discussion: ​ Tuesday morning? ​ (Added by Matthew)
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-===== Simplified Models ​===== +===== Stop-neutralino simplified model =====
 +The relevant UFO file already exists here:  https://​​abs/​1412.5589. ​ One can independently vary the stop and neutralino mass splitting, as well as the coupling that enables decays, which are denoted gL and gR.  For now we may as well set gL=gR, such that we have only three parameters: ​ m_stop, m_chi, and g.  For any value of the former two, we may choose a lifetime from the latter.
 +How does this model map onto the various searches (displaced jets, R-hadron etc)?  Are there any blind spots? ​ Are the searches effectively recastable?
 +===== Relevant Searches =====
 +This search https://​​record/​2219571/​files/​ATLAS-CONF-2016-103.pdf should be relevant, especially the CalRatio trigger.
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