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 Topics under study: Topics under study:
-  * [[2017:​groups:​np:​llpsm|Simplified ​Models ​for Long Lived Particles]]+  * [[2017:​groups:​np:​llpsm|Recasting and Simplified ​models ​for long-lived particles]]
   * [[2017:​groups:​np:​dispTop| Signatures with displaced tops]]   * [[2017:​groups:​np:​dispTop| Signatures with displaced tops]]
   * [[2017:​groups:​np:​nonthermal|Non-thermal DM and LLPs]]   * [[2017:​groups:​np:​nonthermal|Non-thermal DM and LLPs]]
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   * [[2017:​groups:​np:​QFVLHC|Squark decays beyond MFV at LHC]]   * [[2017:​groups:​np:​QFVLHC|Squark decays beyond MFV at LHC]]
   * [[2017:​groups:​np:​STDM|Single top plus dark matter at LHC]]   * [[2017:​groups:​np:​STDM|Single top plus dark matter at LHC]]
 +  * [[2017:​groups:​np:​LLPLT|Reconstructing models using lifetime measurements]]
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