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-==== Need a catchy title ====+==== Searchin for the BSM ====
 based on Lemon Tree-Fool'​s Garden based on Lemon Tree-Fool'​s Garden
 ------------ ------------
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 {{ :​2017:​music_themes:​leshoucheslemontree.mp3 | LemonTree_Take1}} {{ :​2017:​music_themes:​leshoucheslemontree.mp3 | LemonTree_Take1}}
 -------------- --------------
 +Take 3, Wed 21 June (Fête de la Musique)
 +   * [[https://​​index.php/​s/​0dseGdlvq4PsfTZ|Video Recoriding from Fawzi]]
 <​code>​ <​code>​
     Em               Bm     Em               Bm
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  ​Speculation - is still good for me  ​Speculation - is still good for me
 D            G              B D            G              B
- ​Isolation - I don't want to sit on a BDT+ ​Isolation - I don't want to sit on a BDT
     Em                  Bm     Em                  Bm
 I'm hiking around in a desert of joy I'm hiking around in a desert of joy
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