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       *Session1://​ I don't know: the uncertainty song//       *Session1://​ I don't know: the uncertainty song//
          * {{ :​2019:​groups:​session1:​music_theme:​lh_s1_uncertainty_song.pdf |The lyrics}}          * {{ :​2019:​groups:​session1:​music_theme:​lh_s1_uncertainty_song.pdf |The lyrics}}
-         ​* ​To come. The video and the song.+         ​* ​[[https://​​s/​QX3BGS4ETkIKVXF?​path=%2FSession1_2019%2FMusicThemeSession1| ​The video and the song]]. 
 +       * Session2:// Bohiggsian Rhapsody (proposal by Jose, Sophie, Jeremie and Tevong) // 
 +         * [[2019:​lh2019_theme|lyrics]] 
 See what happened the previous years.  ​ See what happened the previous years.  ​
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