Scientific Program: 
The first two days, 27-28 May 2003, will be devoted to review talks and progress reports. The review talks  will give an overview of the Physics at the existing and upcoming colliders. The progress reports given  by the convenors will summarize the work initiated in the WG and lay down the programme of the WG.

Apart from these talks, the Workshop consists essentially of discussions within the different groups and between the three groups as well as conducting some of the tasks set up in the programme of the WG. Working Groups and subgroups will organize their own meetings. Details of  Working Groups Meetings and Subgroup Meetings will be set up in conjunction with the convenors.

Tuesday 27 May


       08h45-09h00: Welcome (E. Pilon, LAPTH)
       09h00-10h00: QCD issues at TeV Colliders (S. Frixione,  INFN)
       10h00-11h00:News from the TEVATRON: data and tools (J. Huston, Michigan State U.)

                   Coffe Break

       11h30-12h30: Physics of extra-dimensions at TeV Colliders(K. Sridhar, Tata Institute)


       14h00-15h00:Higgs and SUSY at the Tevatron (L. Duflot, LAL Orsay)
       15h00-15h30:Physics in ATLAS at low luminosity (G. Polesello, INFN Pavia and F. Gianotti, CERN)
       15h30-16h00:  Physics in CMS at low luminosity (D. Denegri, CERN)

                            Tea Break

       16h30-17h30:Monte Carlos for TeV Colliders (T. Sjostrand, Sweden)


Wednesday 28 May Status Reports from the Working Group


       09h00-10h00: Status report of the BSM Working Group (the conveners of the group)
       10h00-11h00:Status report of the QCD and SM  Working Group (the conveners of the group)

                   Coffe Break

       11h00-12h00: Status report of the Higgs Working Group(the conveners of the group)
                                   theory    Experiment
       12h00-12h30: Status report  of Monte-Carlo's inter-group  (the conveners of the group)



Working Group activities start (WG meetings, ....). Details of each session will be updated as we go along. 
Various presentations are already planned. 

A few topical talks are also planned
Thursday 29 May

17h30-18h30:   SUSY at the Linear Colliders (S. Rosier-Lees, LAPP


Tuesday 2 June

17h30-18h30: LHC and LC Complementarity (G. Weiglein, IPPP Durham


Friday 6 June Summaries


       09h00-09h45: Report of the QCD and SM  Working Group (the conveners of the group)
                                              theory     experiment
       09h45-10h30: Report of the Higgs Working Group (the conveners of the group)
                                                 theory    experiment

                              Coffe Break

       11h00-11h45: Report of the BSM  Working Group (the conveners of the group)
                                                susy    extra-dim, etc 
       11h45-12h30: Summary of the Meeting (S. Dawson, Brookhaven Lab.)

Sunday 1st June: Weather permitting we  take the day off (excursion in the mountain,...)

End of Meeting