Working Groups

  • SM and NLO Multi-leg   Session I: 30 May-8 June 2011
    This group will address the issue of the theoretical predictions for multileg processes, in particular beyond leading order, and the possibility of implementing these calculations in Monte Carlos. This working group aims at a cross breeding between novel approaches (twistors, unitarity cuts,...) and improvements in standard techniques. The precision NLO and in some instances NNLO predictions extend also to Higgs observables.  New development in the physics of jets will also covered. 
  • New Physics  Session II: 8-17 June 2011
    This is a beyond the Standard Model group covering new models of electroweak symmetry breaking and their phenomenology.  The emphasis this year will be on alternatives to SUSY that address the problem of symmetry breaking, although some aspects of SUSY phenomenology will be addressed. It will also address the issues of model reconstruction and model independent searches based on topologies.  The connection with  Dark Matter and the impact from astrophysics and cosmology will be addressed especially that we expect new data in this field. 
  • Tools and Monte Carlo    Session I & II: 30 May-17 June 2011
    This working group will liaise with the  SM and New Physics WGs with the task of incorporating some of the issues and new techniques developed in these groups in view of improving Monte Carlos and setting standards and accords among the simulation codes to better meet the experimental needs.   Issues concerning pdf and jets will also be covered within this WG. In session I the emphasis will be on standard model issues in close connection with the SM/NLO Working Group while in sessions II the emphasis will be on the implementation of new models.

 As usual within the Les Houches PhysTeV series, we expect a strong interplay and collaboration between these different groups and their subgroups. This is especially true in 2011 where a more active and close collaboartion between the SM and New Physics working group will take place in view of the new data from the LHC. We therefore expect some model builders to attend session I and some SM experts to attend session II. The projects are to start in January 2011 and should be completed by the end of the year 2011
The projects are to start in Jan 2011 and should be completed by the end of the year 2011.
A more detailed plan of work and lists of specific topics together with the conveners in charge will be provided by Dec 1st 2010. By then a wikipage for the 2011 session will also be set up.