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                        List of topics 


A) SUGRA-type models / general SUSY at colliders

        contact person : Manuel Drees, drees@ift.unesp.br , drees@pheno.physics.wisc.edu
  1. Finite width effects on slepton and neutralino mass determinations.

  2. This includes both energy distributions (e.g. sleton --> lepton +
    neutralino at e+e- colliders, neutralino_2 --> slepton + lepton at the
    LHC) and effects on the threshold scan at e+e- colliders.

            Interested people:
    Dilip Ghosh (dghosh@theory.tifr.res.in),
    Kiyoshi Kato, Tadashi Kon (kon@apm.seikei.ac.jp),
    Masaki Kuroda (mkuroda@suchi.kek.jp),
    Kosuke Odagiri (odagiri@hep.phy.cam.ac.uk),
    Frank Paige (paige@quark.phy.bnl.gov)

  3. The effect of hard gluon radiation on squark mass determinations at

  4. lepton colliders: Need to compute radiation during squark decay, and
    model impact on mass fits.

            Interested people:
    Manuel Drees (drees@ift.unesp.br),
    Sabine Kraml (kraml@hephy.oeaw.ac.at)

  5. (gg, q qbar) --> gluino gluino gluon as a tool to discover SUSY if

  6. m_gluino \simeq m_LSP: Processes are part of complete NLO calculation,
    but need to be embedded into a (parton-level?) MC code. This is in
    response to a couple of recent papers by N. Krasnikov.

            Interested people:
    Gisele Bordes (bordes@cdf.in2p3.fr),
    Viacheslaw Ilyin (ilyin@theory.npi.msu.su),
    Kato, Tadashi Kon (kon@apm.seikei.ac.jp),
    Masaki Kuroda (mkuroda@suchi.kek.jp),
    Kosuke Odagiri (odagiri@hep.phy.cam.ac.uk),
    Michael Spira (spira@desy.de),
    Daniel Tovey (d.r.tovey@sheffield.ac.uk)

  7. The effect of final state photon radiation on measuring neutralino mass

  8. differences using the dilepton invariant mass distribution in
    chi_j --> chi_1 l^+ l^- (k = e, mu).

            Interested people:
    Dilip Ghosh (dghosh@theory.tifr.res.in),
    Kosuke Odagiri (odagiri@hep.phy.cam.ac.uk),
    Frank Paige (paige@quark.phy.bnl.gov)

  9. Inclusion of full QCD NLO corrections into event generators. This may be

  10. too difficult a problem for this workshop, at least in the most general case.

            Interested people:
    Sabine Kraml (kraml@hephy.oeaw.ac.at),
    Kosuke Odagiri (odagiri@hep.phy.cam.ac.uk),
    Steve Mrenna (mrenna@physics.ucdavis.edu),
    Michael Spira (spira@desy.de)

  11. LHC SUSY reach in the jets + missing E_T channel using full

  12. detector simulation.

            Interested people:
    Vasiliki Mitsou (vasiliki.mitsou@cern.ch)

  13. Squarks with large (>> Lambda_QCD) decay width at threshold.



            Interested people:
    Sabine Kraml (kraml@hephy.oeaw.ac.at)

B) Gauge Mediated SUSY Breaking

        contact person : Sandro Ambrosanio, Sandro.Ambrosanio@cern.ch
  1. Studies in the neutralino-NLSP scenario.

  2. Measuring the neutralino lifetime through delayed neutralino
    decays to the gravitino (various channels), particularly in
    the very short and very long case.
    Comparison of LHC and LC reach/precision.
    Comparison of the effectiveness of different methods/techniques.
    Extraction of information about the fundamental SUSY breaking scale.
  3. Studies in the stau-NLSP or slepton-coNLSP scenarios.

  4. Tracks from long-lived charged scalars at the LHC.
    Prospects for detection of slow quasi-stable scalars with the
    standard ATLAS/CMS detectors and possible need of an additional
    detector/experiment (MOEDAL).

            Interested people:
    Sandro Ambrosanio (ambros@mail.cern.ch),
    Giacomo Polesello (giacomo.polesello@cern.ch),
    Joergen Sjoelin (sjolin@physto.se)

  5. Analysis of the Higgs spectrum in GMSB models.

  6. Comparison of the predictions for the Higgs sector in mSUGRA
    and GMSB models. Related prospects for detection at LHC/LC.

            Interested people:
    Sandro Ambrosanio (ambros@mail.cern.ch),
    Sven Heinemeyer (sven.heinemeyer@desy.de),
    Ole Myren Rohne (o.m.rohne@fys.uio.no)
    Michael Spira (spira@desy.de)

    Specifically: Higgs production at hadron colliders.

            Interested people:
    Genevieve Belanger (belanger@lapp.in2p3.fr),
    Fawzi Boudjema (boudjema@lapphp0.in2p3.fr)

  7. Signatures for non-minimal GMSB models with additional

  8. contributions to the Higgs potential and/or generalized
    messenger sectors. Possible non-standard scenarios with
    non-typical NLSP (Higgsino-like neutralino, chargino, sneutrino)

            Interested people:
    Sandro Ambrosanio (ambros@mail.cern.ch),
    Stefan Hesselbach (hesselb@physik.uni-wuerzburg.de)

C) R-parity Violation

        contact person :
        due to health related family problems, Herbi Dreiner has suggested
        to be replaced for the time being.
        Please contact Rohini Godbole who will co-ordinate the RPV subgroup :
        rohini@cts.iisc.ernet.in ,
        rohini@theory.tifr.res.in ,
  1. Reconstructing model (in particular SUGRA) parameters in models with

  2. nonvanishing lambda' LQD coupling(s), for both hadron and lepton
    colliders; in particular, measuring the LSP (= lightest neutralino)
    mass as a starting point for mass reconstructions.
  3. Effects of RPV on top production and decay.



            Interested people:
    Aldo Deandrea (deandrea@frodo.tphys.uni-heidelberg.de),
    Rohini Godbole (rohini@cts.iisc.ernet.in),
    Monoranjan Guchait (guchait@mail.desy.de),
    Gregory Moreau (gmoreau@spht.saclay.cea.fr),
    Giacomo Polesello (giacomo.polesello@cern.ch)

  5. RPV decays of the lightest neutralino (=LSP) into two quarks and a

  6. charged or neutral lepton: First application of RPV in HERWIG.

            Interested people:
    Linda Megner (megner@particle.kth.se),
    Giacomo Polesello (giacomo.polesello@cern.ch)

  7. Single sparticle production.



            Interested people:
    Gregory Moreau (gmoreau@spht.saclay.cea.fr)

D) "Others"

     contact person : James Wells, James.Wells@cern.ch
  1. Stop phenomenology, in particular in "more minimal" = "inverted

  2. hierarchy" models: Direct production, and effect on -ino decays.
    (There might be some overlap with subgroup A.)

            Interested people:
    Monoranjan Guchait (guchait@mail.desy.de),
    Werner Porod (werner.porod@cern.ch),
    Martti Raidal (martti.raidal@cern.ch),
    D.P. Roy (durga.prasad.roy@cern.ch),
    Jim Wells (james.wells@cern.ch)

    Specifically: Scenarios with large L-R mixing and impact on Higgs searches.

            Interested people:
    Genevieve Belanger (belanger@lapp.in2p3.fr),
    Fawzi Boudjema (boudjema@lapphp0.in2p3.fr)

  3. Anomaly mediated SUSY breaking and peculiar LSPs: Wino, Higgsino, Sneutrino.



            Interested people:
    D.P. Roy (durga.prasad.roy@cern.ch)

Talks to the Working Group 

  1. Salavat Abdullin,

  2. "MSSM signal observability in (multilepton + ) multijet + E_T^miss final states
    at the LHC and some problem points". (preliminary title).
  3. Michael Spira,

  4. "Sparticle production at the LHC: NLO corrections".



  1. Herbert Dreiner, dreiner@v2.rl.ac.uk ,
  2. Manuel Drees, drees@ift.unesp.br , drees@pheno.physics.wisc.edu


  1. Salavat Abdullin, CMS, abdullin@mail.cern.ch
  2. Giacomo Polesello, ATLAS, Giacomo.Polesello@cern.ch
  3. Hans-Ulrich Martyn, NLC, martyn@mail.desy.de

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