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 **[[2013:​groups:​sm:​cutsobservables|Cuts and Observables]]** **[[2013:​groups:​sm:​cutsobservables|Cuts and Observables]]**
 +==== Plans for the upcoming Les Houches Report ====
 +=== EW corrections - theoretical guidelines and experimental issues ===
 +== Theoretical guidelines: ==
 +  * EW input parameter schemes \\ Which to use in which process / for which corrections,​ etc.
 +  * Photon radiation \\ Their role in NC/CC processes, general features, collinear non-safety versus KLN inclusiveness,​ etc.
 +  * Photon-induced processes \\ their size in various processes, how to fix the photon PDF, EW factorization scheme, etc.
 +  * EW Sudakov logs \\ quality of a leading-log approximation for NLO EW corrections,​ real W/Z emission, two-loops and beyond, etc.
 +  * more?
 +== Experimental issues: ==
 +  * ...
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