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Les Houches

2023 Session

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Les Houches Themes



SM: Loops, Multi-legs, Jets

List of Topics

1) PDFs

a) impact of LHC data, current and future

  • -how well do we know PDFs at high x→implications for new physics
  • -how Gaussian are high x PDF uncertainties, i.e. what would it take to believe a high mass excess

b) impact of/need for an LHeC

c) combination of PDF sets

d) impact of NNLO jet calculations


a) wishlist of calculations→ review of what current exists→input: what do the experiments really want?

b) study of the 'Sudakov Zone', ~1 TeV where EWK corrections may be comparable to QCD corrections

c) PDFs with QED corrections, photon PDFs, gamma-gamma processes

d) press ahead with the tuned comparison of precision calculations for Drell-Yan processes carried out in the framework of the LPCC EW Group

e) prescriptions for combining QCD and EW corrections

The Wishlist page is here

3) Binoth Les Houches Accord (BLHA)

An update on this is in the make, see the BLHA page

4) Top Decays a) handling top decays in processes like tTH, tTbB and tTjj

Cuts and Observables

Plans for the upcoming Les Houches Report

EW corrections - theoretical guidelines and experimental issues

Theoretical guidelines:
  • EW input parameter schemes
    which to use in which process / for which corrections, etc.
  • Photon radiation
    their role in NC/CC processes, general features, collinear non-safety versus KLN inclusiveness, etc.
  • Photon-induced processes
    their size in various processes, how to fix the photon PDF, EW factorization scheme, etc.
  • EW Sudakov logs
    quality of a leading-log approximation for NLO EW corrections, real W/Z emission, two-loops and beyond, etc.
  • more?
Experimental issues:

Coordination with Snowmass: QCD Issues

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