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2021 Session

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Coordination with Snowmass

Coordination with Snowmass: QCD Issues

A link to a list of issues and topics set for Snowmass, brought to us by the LH-Snowmass coordinator pdf file

Coordination with Snowmass: QCD mini Workshop at Fermilab, 31 Jan 2013

There will be a 1-day mini-workshop at Fermilab on Jan. 31 dealing with some of the QCD issues relevant for the LHC and beyond. In particular, this meeting will concentrate on:

(1) the use of LHC data in PDF fits (present and future) (2) the need for precision PDFs at the LHC and beyond; the role of an eLHC (3) scale determination in complex processes (4) scale uncertainties in the presence of jet vetoes/binning (5) progress at NNLO

This meeting is intended to be useful for both the Snowmass and Les Houches workshop preparations, as well as for current LHC analyses. A vidyo connection will be available. The agenda will be developed on .

The Snowmass QCD conveners

John Campbell Ken Hatakeyama Joey Huston Frank Petriello

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