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Aim and Format

This series of workshops, started 20 years ago, aims  to bring together theorists and experimentalists working on the phenomenology of  TeV colliders with an emphasis on the physics at the LHC. The highlight of the 2019 Les Houches Edition is to take full advantage of the data that has been collected at the LHC so far and prepare for the future runs. With this much data, following the discovery of a Higgs-like particle, one aim of this workshop is how to best sharpen our tools and techniques in order to reconstruct the profile of this particle and possibly uncover New Physics. An equally important aim is to reassess some of the still open fundamental questions in the light of this discovery and investigate which kind of New Physics such a particle may be hinting at. The importance of precision measurements on the one hand and precision calculations and simulation on the other hand is central. In the light of the LHC results, a reflection on the strategy in HEP and prospects from future facilities (at high and low energy) should be conducted. In view of the above considerations, the Workshop will devote particular attention to:

(i) Higgs physics, and how it shapes our view on the mechanism of electroweak symmetry breaking; (ii) related searches for New Physics and (iii) progress in new techniques for the calculations and simulation of Standard Model processes.

The Workshop will address issues such as how to best exploit these data as well as how to prepare for future LHC data, and what is most desirable in LHC upgrades. These activities will be conducted in close connection with the development and improvements of related theory tools, in particular of Monte-Carlo event generators. The role of machine learning and artificial intelligence will be part of these new development.

The Workshop runs over one year, including two meetings in Les Houches in the month of June, and exchanges and collaborations before and after the meetings. The meetings in Les Houches will consist of two sessions:

Session I: 10-19 June 2019
with emphasis on SM-related issues.

Session II: 19-28 June 2019
  with emphasis on New-Physics searches