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Virtual meetings on Standard Model Phenomenology [14-18 June]

Despite the cancellation, we decided to cover, in a reduced format through a few virtual meetings, some of the subjects related to SM phenomenology at the LHC that are traditionally discussed in Les Houches, during the "first" session. If you are interested, please have a look here

Cancellation of the 2021 PhysTeV edition

Due to the recent evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic situation, we have come to the conclusion that we will not be able to organise the event as initially hoped, especially in view of the various restrictions and contraints imposed. We therefore regret to announce the cancellation of the 2021 PhysTeV edition.
We hope that you understand this difficult decision.
The next edition of the PhysTeV Les Houches workshop is planned for June 2023.


Aim and Format

This series of workshops, started more than 20 years ago, aims at pushing the frontier of fundamental Physics by bringing together theorists and experimentalists working on several aspects of phenomenology at TeV colliders and other experiments.

World experts are brought together to address fundamental problems raised notably by the Higgs boson discovery, dark matter and the disappearance of antimatter in the Universe, and to develop new techniques and original strategies to discover signals of new Physics at TeV-scale particle colliders and other experiments, as, for instance, precision low-energy experiments.

The main theme of the 2021 edition will be "Intensify the search for new Physics". The Workshop will cover aspects related to:

a) modern techniques to perform precise computations of strong and electroweak corrections in the Standard Model and beyond
b) the phenomenological impact of the above predictions at present and future TeV colliders
c) the phenomenology of New Physics models at TeV colliders and the interplay with non-collider signatures
d) new ideas to look for Physics Beyond the Standard Model in low-energy experiments 

Another theme of this edition will be related to Machine Learning (ML) techniques, in particular the interplay between ML-inspired techniques and (B)SM phenomenology at colliders.

As per tradition, the workshop will also foster discussions between theorists and experimentalists on current shortcomings and future developments of theory tools that are used by the experimental collaborations.

The Workshop runs over one year, including two meetings in Les Houches in the month of June, and exchanges and collaborations before and after the meetings. The meetings in Les Houches will consist of two sessions:


Session I: 7-16 June 2021

with emphasis on SM-related issues

Session II: 16-25 June 2021

with emphasis on New-Physics searches