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2021 Session

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Triple Gauge Task Force

Interested people (pls add your name): Roberto, Maggie, Veronica, Sylvain, Rohini, Adam,…


  1. Completely general parametrization of triple gauge couplings (TGC) in the language of effective lagrangians (also CP odd operators, the SILH-like basis)
  2. Presentation of LHC experimental results TGC in a general form (which couplings affect which measurements)
  3. Interplay between Higgs couplings, TGC measurements, and electroweak precision constraints
  4. Cleaning up SM predictions for LEP/LEP-2
  5. LHC constraints from high pT tails
  6. Expected sensitivity in LHC14 and ILC
  7. Z gamma from LEP2 (?)
  8. kappa_gamma, kappa_g
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