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2021 Session

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Responsible: Alexandre Nikitenko S Members: Genevieve Bellanger, Suchita Kulkarni, Aram Apyan, Dipan Sengupta, Nicolas De Filippis, Daniele Barducci, Aoife Bharucha, Giacomo Polesello, Ulrich Goerlach, Ursula Laa

Just to start discussion:

NMSSM X-section for H_3=323 GeV and A=312 GeV:

H+A –> neutralino pairs = 1446fb,

H+A –> chargino pairs = 676fb,

Source:Point B1 in Discovery Prospects for NMSSM Higgs Bosons

Possible scenario to study in MSSM:

- H→\chi^+\chi^-, no sleptons. OS dilepton final state

- H→\chi^+_2 \chi^-_1 with small mass splitting between \chi^+_1 and \chi^0_1, Z+MET (Zh, Z>ll + invisible search)

- H→\chi^0\chi^0 in all possible combination. Light sleptons, 3l final state

- Possibility of H^+ →\chi^+\chi^0. Small xs at LHC8?

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