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Les Houches

2023 Session

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Topics for Consideration

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SM and N(N)LO

NNLO: Attacking the 2013 Les Houches wish list
  • what has been learned so far from NNLO calculations
  • for jj, for Hj
  • what common elements exist that will be useful for future calculations
  • how can programs be used by non-authors?
What's left at NLO?
  • Status of automated calculations
  • EWRC
    • automatic inclusion of EW effects →test cases
    • Features of the TeV scale and of the transition from 8 TeV to 13 TeV
      • Photon induced processes (like gamma gamma → WW)
      • W/Z emission
  • exclusive jet cross sections→what does the data tell us?
  • scale choices: motivation/justifications for HT/2
  • utility of/use of META PDFs
Fiducial cross sections
  • extrapolation uncertainties to full sigma
  • WW as poster child
  • more on Les Houches tight isolation accord→theory with Frixione isolation = theory with NLO fragmentation with experimental fixed cone isolation (=data)
Jets & Quark/Gluon Discrimination
  • physics of jet R variation
  • jet sub-structure tools and how they can be part of everyday analyses (Overlaps with NLO/SM and Tools/MC a bit with Higgs (e.g. VBF tagging)
  • How to define quark/gluons at fixed order? (i.e. flavored jet algorithms)
  • Tests of quark/gluon taggers? (ATLAS/CMS/theory)
  • Why do current parton showers give such large discrepancies in quark/gluon tagging performances?
  • Data available to tune quark/gluon taggers? (RIVETized analyses?)
  • Key future measurements to be made? (at LHC or even in archival data?)
  • Quark/gluon enriched samples? (e.g. dijet vs. gamma/W/Z + jet)
  • Can NnLO/NnLL calculations improve our understanding?
  • Impact of soft QCD (underlying event) and pileup?
Higgs properties and modelling
  • How to improve and make best use of differential cross section measurements?
Off-Shell Higgs
ME-PS matching and multileg merging
  • Parton shower systematics
  • Multijet merging systematics
  • Tuning in presence of matching + merging
  • Matching with photons and QED corrections
  • cross generator comparison, possibly ttbar+jets (other channels welcome)

Interface SM/BSM

Presentation of LHC results
  • Intimately related to this is the issue of fiducial cross sections. This has both theory/modelling/MC aspect
  • Presentation of LHC results; reinterpretation studies; feedback from experimentalists; update of the Atom/CheckMate/MadAnalysis 5
Joint exercises between SM and BSM->how to find BSM (or not) given limits of SM precision

BSM Physics/ Including non Standard Higgs

New States and Thechniques
  • Compressed spectra in SUSY: alternative signals
  • Theories where non-color particles cancel the quadratic divergence:The Twin Higges et al. How to look for these?
  • BSM simulation at NLO in QCD
  • Standardizing cross section information in the SLHA format (finalizing what has been initiated in 2013)
  • Superboosted tops
  • Vector-like Quark/Top partner searches: recommendation for presentation of searches for weak single production
  • New Heavy gauge bosons: Prospects/priorities for run-II
  • Compositeness scenarios: possibile to present results in terms of a useful simplified parametrisation (like MSSM/pMSSM etc)?
  • Is the current status of boosted object reconstruction techniques sufficient for Run-II BSM searches? e.g. Is experimental b-tagging good enough in the boosted H/t kinematic regime?
  • Do we need new techniques for leptonic and semi-leptonically decaying boosted objects?
  • EFT approach to new physics and DM: Signals & limitation
  • non-EFT approach to DM physics
Higgs and New Physics
  • Effective field theory approach to Higgs searches at the LHC.
  • EFT implementation in Monte Carlo
  • Fiducial Higgs cross sections at the LHC
  • Synergy of electroweak precision and Higgs data.
  • Triple gauge couplings at the LHC: how to make the analysis better and more model-independent.
  • Presentation of limits from heavy Higgs searches on multi-Higgs models.
  • Complementarity between non-standard Higgs searches and precision Higgs measurements
  • Extra Higgs (light or heavy) searches: which decay channels are not covered?
  • Scalars approximately mass-degenerate with the 125 GeV Higgs boson
  • Higgs studies in the off-shell regime: on-shell and off-shell interference effects, impact on heavy Higgs signal strength measurements, EFT vs simplified models.
  • Prospects for NMSSM Higgs Bosons with Run II
  • “Exotic” decays of h(125) - what is doable with Run II and how ?
  • probing h(125) CP (beyond h→ZZ: fermionic h decays, ttH, …)
  • Higgs and dark matter.
  • Renormalization group effects in the dim 6 EFT space, impact on searches for new physics?
  • status of double Higgs production searches: is there something left to do?
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