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EW corrections [discussion on: Fri June 9th, 16h30-18h00, Tue June 13th, 9h00-10h00]

please add your name if you are interested

  • Status of automation: matrix element generators (full parton-level Monte Carlo programs):
    • GoSam (Sherpa+GoSam)
    • NLOX (?)
    • MG5_aMC@NLO (-“-)
    • OpenLoops (Munich/Sherpa+OpenLoops)
    • Recola (<private MC>/Sherpa+Recola)
    • … (?)

Another technical comparison is for sure doable, but we should discuss if this would be helpful (maybe in the EW session on Tuesday morning). In last year's proceedings, the plan was that each group would try to reproduce the results of the respective other groups (Recola, OpenLops, MG5_aMC@NLO), but finally essentially only Munich/Sherpa+OpenLoops provided anything beyond what was already available from their papers…

contributors: Stefan Kallweit, Hua-Sheng Shao

  • Technical issues to be discussed/solved/agreed on:
    • renormalization
    • treatment of (pseudo-)resonances
    • democratic clustering (photons+QCD partons)
    • additive/multiplicative combination of QCD and EW results
    • how to come up with a realistic uncertainty estimate
    • issues with the complex mass scheme

In most cases, there is probably not only one solution. However, it could be useful to go through these (and further) points in the proceedings and agree on suggestions on how to deal with the different issues.

contributors: Stefan Kallweit

Rather than a bare theoretical comparison of different tools we could investigate the impact of “democratic clustering” against other possible prescriptions, e.g. on some sample process like V+1,2jets.

contributors: Stefan Kallweit

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