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HJ/HH/ZH/H* Mass Scheme Uncertainties

Project Description

Study of top-quark mass scheme uncertainties (MSbar/OS) in Higgs processes:

  • HH (LO/NLO)
  • HJ (LO/NLO asymptotic expansion)
  • ggHZ vs ggZZ (LO)
  • H* (LO/NLO)

Open Questions:

  • How are these various processes affected by the mass scheme uncertainty?
  • To what extent is this problem coming from “Triangle-type” topologies vs “Box-type” topologies? (See for example expanded result of Steinhauser et al.)
  • Can we say anything about what is a sensible (or not sensible) choice of scheme?
  • Should we be treating masses running in the loops differently from those entering the Yukawa couplings?
  • How much of this behaviour is due to the mass dependence of the Yukawa vs. top quarks in loop?
  • How large is this uncertainty in the context of the onshell/ofshell Higgs measurements?


Interested Participants

  • Javier Mazzitelli
  • Daniel de Florian
  • Stephen Jones
  • Michael Spira
  • Xuan Chen
  • Raoul Röntsch
  • Joey Huston
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