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2019 Session

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HJ/HH/ZH/H* Mass Scheme Uncertainties

Project Description

Study of top-quark mass scheme uncertainties (MSbar/OS) in Higgs processes:

  • HH (LO/NLO)
  • HJ (LO/NLO asymptotic expansion)
  • ggHZ vs ggZZ (LO)
  • H* (LO/NLO)

How are these various processes affected by the mass scheme uncertainty? Can we say anything about what is a sensible (or not sensible) choice of scheme? Should we be treating masses running in the loops differently from those entering the Yukawa couplings? How much of this behaviour is due to the mass dependence of the Yukawa vs. top quarks in loop? How large is this uncertainty in the context of the onshell/ofshell Higgs measurements?


Interested Participants

  • Javier Mazzitelli
  • Daniel de Florian
  • Stephen Jones
  • Michael Spira
  • Xuan Chen
  • Raoul Röntsch
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