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2HDM+Pseudoscalar comparisons

Jon, Priscilla…

Preliminary study with Contur here with links to the model and to the ATLAS summary paper. (NB. This is the model also being considered from the four top point of view.)

Progress so far/things to work on:

  • Bug fix in ATLAS $H \rightarrow \gamma\gamma$ here.
  • The CMS $H \rightarrow WW$ measurement which gives the main sensitivity in the study linked above has a b-jet veto applied at detector-level, which is not given in the fiducial phase space and therefore not implemented in rivet. The effect of the b-jet veto is extrapolated out in the unfolding, which therefore assumed the SM. In addition (but related) there is a very large data-driven background subtraction of $WW$ and $t\bar{t}$ SM events. Overall, this means the exclusion for this model (and for most models) from this analysis is is unreliable. (In this case, many of the BSM events entering the fiducial regions will have b-jets since they originate from top and charge Higgs decays.) This analysis should only really be used to exclude anomalous contributions to the $H \rightarrow WW$ cross section which look SM-like (ie do not have any b-jets, for example). More useful for EFT-type studies than Contur.
  • Here is the exclusion with the CMS HWW omitted, but note some other analysis may have the same or similar problems. This is the gzipped directory with the various pools: gzipped tar file
  • Scan in $M_{DM}$ and $M_a$ (done, but do again with the b veto issues addressed somehow)

This also applies to some of the other WW analyses we are using.

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