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Les Houches

2019 Session

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Topics for Consideration

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session 1

  • Loops,Multilegs,Jets
  • Jets: Where is quark/gluon discrimination useful? How does it perform? Examples:
    • PDFs
    • VBF
    • X→gg
    • Susy cascades
    • ISR tagging
    • W tagging
    • top tagging
  • Higgs
  • SM Issues
  • New Physics and Higgs
    • Higgs pairs: lambda_HHH from single & double;
    • VBF Higgs pairs: C2v, Cv relation
    • Rare decays: benchmark for H→aa→gamgamgamgam
  • MC and Tools
    • ttbar: mismodeling of top pt and an angular distributions
    • W-mass and precise EW measurements: where are the bottlenecks?
    • …more to come…

session 2

  • New Physics
    • VLQs beyond V/Hq decays
    • Unconventional signatures
  • BSM and Machine Learning
    • Determination of model parameters
    • 2d/3d/4d Image analysis for HEP e.g. jets
    • New Searches with ML (search algorithms, generic searches, automatisation, density estimation, deep networks / auto-encoders etc.)
    • Learning Phenomenally predictions (limits, likelihoods, cross sections)
    • Generative models for HEP
  • Tools&MC
    • SM Implementations
    • BSM Approaches
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