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Les Houches

2021 Session

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General List of Topics

Since we expect quite a lot of overlap between the working groups we list here the different topics to be discussed in Session 1.

List for Session 1

1) Higgs-related

        a)       PDF uncertainties for gluon-gluon fusion
           trace differences between CTEQ, MSTW and NNPDF to see if uncertainty can be reduced
        b)      Acceptances and uncertainties of acceptances for Higgs (gg->Higgs->WW/ZZ)
        c)      Higgs+jets cross sections
                 - comparisons of @MC@NLO, Powheg MINLO, MEPS@NLO, HEJ, etc
                 - comparisons of W/Z+jets with above (+LoopSim) as a testbed
                 - revisit tag jets:  hadronization uncertainties for high rapidity jets
        d)      Higgs+jets uncertainties
                 -new scheme for jet veto uncertainties using Higgs+0, Higgs+1 jet resummation calculations
                 -comparison of Higgs+0 jet resummation results
        e)      Higgs+b's (ex: VH,H->bb)

2) PDFs

      a)      -impact of LHC data, current and future
              -how well do we know PDFs at high x->implications for new physics
              -how Gaussian are high x PDF uncertainties, i.e. what would it take to believe a high mass excess
      b)      impact of/need for an LHeC
      c)      combination of PDF sets
      d)      impact of NNLO jet calculations


      a)      wishlist of calculations-> review of what current exists->input: what do the experiments really want?
      b)      study of the 'Sudakov Zone', ~1 TeV where EWK corrections may be comparable to QCD corrections
      c)      PDFs with QED corrections, photon PDFs, gamma-gamma processes

4) Binoth Les Houches Accord (BLHA)

There will be an update on this. Pdf file of the write-up

5) Data vs Theory (Tools and MC)

      a)      make use of Rivet->have Rivet tutorial early in workshop
      b)      dressed leptons: what is the best way of making comparisons between data and theory
      c)      more sophisticated looks at analyses with background subtractions
      d)      try to constrain jet content of UE

6) Top Decays

      a)      handling top decays in processes like tTH, tTbB and tTjj
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