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Double Higgs Production

A more general list of topics that was discussed in Les Houches can be found below.

Concrete projects:

Study feasibility of double Higgs production via Vector Boson Fusion at the LHC

Interested people: Roberto, Christophe, Matthew, Gustaaf, Filip, Son, Bondu, Massironi, Yun … (please add your name!)

Relevant literature: 1206.5001, 1210.8166, 1002.1011

To do:

  1. tabulate figures of merit for signal and most relevant backgrounds in the following channels: bbbb, bbWW, bbtautau.
  2. which kind of future collider (ILC, CLIC, 100 TeV pp, …) would be sensitive?

Englert talk

General Topics that were discussed at Les Houches

1) check feasability of WW→hh: which channel (WWbb)? which lumi? is energy upgrade competitive?

2) sensitivity on trilinear H^3 in gg→hh vs gg→h (at two loops): by the time we are able to measure it, will gg→hh be competitive with single higgs?

3) check extraction of anomalous couplings (e.g. cH) using double Higgs strahlung at the LHC

4) effect of resonances (ex: heavy scalar decaying to hh) in double-Higgs production

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