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Les Houches

2021 Session

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Higgs Effective Lagrangian

Definition of the Effective Lagrangian can be found here: 1303.3876 and references therein.

A more general list of topics that was discussed in Les Houches can be found below.

Concrete projects:

1) constraints on Electroweak Effective Operators from LEP1&2 (incl. TGC), LHC.

Interested people: Adam, Roberto, Rohini, Maggie, Kirtimaan, Veronica, Sylvain, Massironi, Bondu, Fawzi, Minho … (please add your name!)

To do:

  1. literature study
  2. “cleaning” the connection with LEP2
  3. including Zgamma results from LEP2
  4. matching between parametrization of TGC's and operators of the Higgs Effective Lagrangian
  5. study precision with which the anomalous HVV vertex can be probed (difft. distributions, asymmetries, …). Pay attention to the fact that the EWK corrections to the WZ production are still missing.
  6. combination of constraints (interplay between Higgs coupling, TGC measurements and EWK precision constraints) and extrapolation to LHC14 (and ILC).

Relevant literature: 1306.2573, 1302.3415, 1304.3369

2) map operators to experimental observables.

Interested people: Adam, Roberto, Filip,Fawzi, Sylvain … (please add your name!)

To do:

  1. finalize the mapping for all operators
  2. is the current presentation of experimental results (kappa's) sufficient (how to treat kappa_gamma, kappa_g?)

3) dipole operators (top)

Interested people: Rogerio, Sasha, Edward, Michael, Andi, … (please add your name!)

To do:

  1. study processes ttW, Zh, tth, tWb
  2. study constraints from top differential cross section (dsigma/dpt, dsigma/dM, …) on dipole moments (update to 8 TeV the current analysis and extrapolate to 14 TeV)

Relevant literature: 1107.3143, 1201.6670, 1010.6304, 1210.2570, 1207.0339, 1205.1065, 1105.0117

4) Implementation of Effective Lagrangian in Powheg for single Higgs production

Interested people: Roberto, Pietro, A. Vicini, Filip, … (please add your name!)

To do:

  1. include GGHH operators
  2. study sensitivity on loop versus contact interactions using Higgs pT distribution

General Topics that were discussed at Les Houches

1) Add G^2HH operators in Powheg

2) Implement (bosonic) effective operators into MADGRAPH (done) and Calchep (done)

3) Derive constraints from existing experiments (including processes with no Higgs, like TGC)

4) Try to find new strategies to extract Wilson coefficients (ex H→ ZZ and H→WW)

5) Map the operators to experimental observables

5) Estimate future sensitivity at the LHC

6) sources of operators with non-standard tensor structure and in particular CP-violating ones – feasibility of measuring these operators via associated Vh productions (in can be recycled in hhV)

Special Focus on Top and Higgs

1) reconsider constraints on dipole operators involving tops and Higgses

2) consider prospects for top+higgs processes at the LHC (also ttZ)

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