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Stops and Sbottoms

Interested people: Dipan, Genevieve, Rohini, Sabine, Suchita, Benjamin, Sophio Pataraia…

Stops from gluino production: 4 top final state

[nothing yet]

Exploiting top polarization

We discussed two projects:

how does polarization effect the limits on the sbottom decays:

Interested people: Rohini, Suchita, Sabine, Wolfgang, Sophio,Dipan … (please add your name!)

  • higgsino case, small deltaM : sbottom –> top + chargino –> top + MET.

All needed information exists in both ATLAS and CMS stop papers. Side question: why are the results of ATLAS/CMS for varying the stop helicity so different?

  • wino case, large deltaM: sbottom –> top + chargino –> top + W + MET

consider same-sign di-lepton + b + MET searches, or single lepton searches

use of new polarization variables

Can new polarization variables improve the sensitivity of stop (& sbottom) searches?

Interested people: Rohini, Suchita, Sabine, Guenther, Filip, Sezen, Nadja, Wolfgang, Tobias, Benjamin, Sophio, Lorenzo, … (please add your name!)

Boosted tops at LHC13

[nothing yet]

Constraining Natural SUSY from existing third generation squark searches

  • Aim: To identify all possible decay channels of third generation squarks to higgsinos and identify the LHC searches applicable to these final states. How far can these searches constrain light third generation squark decays to higgsinos.
  • People involved:
Eric Conte eric.conte[AT]
Benjamin Fuks benjamin.fuks[AT]
Sabine Kraml sabine.kraml[AT]
Suchita Kulkarni suchita.kulkarni[AT]
Ben O'Leary ben.oleary[AT]
Lukas Mitzka lmitzka[AT]
Sophio Pataraia sophio.pataraia[AT]
Werner Porod porod[AT]
Sezen Sekmen ssekmen[AT]
Dipan Sengupta dip.theranger[AT]
Nadja Strobbe nadja.strobbe[AT]
Wolfgang Waltenberger wolfgang.waltenberger[AT]
Frank Wuerthwein fkw[AT]
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