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Les Houches

2021 Session

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Chair: Veronica Sanz (VH), Christoph Englert (HH)

Members: Fawzi Boudjema, Adam Falkowski, Benjamin Fuks, Florian Goertz, Jose Santiago, Jose Miguel No, Felix Yu, Adam Martin, Ciaran Williams, Ken Mimasu, Alexandra Oliveira, Alberto Tonero, Andrey Katz. Please add your name if it is missing.

Topics for discussion VH:

  • SM contributions to VH at one loop: Fawzi to dig old works on this. recast some one-loop V^3 into h V^2
  • tree-level:
    1. Dilaton, radion exchange: Matching in Ken for form factora.
    2. Composite Higgs type spin-one exchange Adam M., Cedric, Andrey, Adam F., Florian. Model with a custodial triplet is proposed e.g. 1406.7320. It predicts large S, so one may need to tweak it to obtain a realistic (fine-tuned) model with a light resonance.
  • one-loop:
    1. 2HDM: Matching in Ken
    2. Colored scalars: region of cancellations in gg→ h can be seen in Eq.18 of, see also Matching colored scalars with EFT in and for non-degenerate stops. Adam M and Felix Andrey
    3. Spin-one: From Composite-Higgs type. Alexandra O.
      1. Not possible from MC point of view, I understood that is maybe non relevant in kinematics point of view, it would act like more terms to the renormalization of three level coupling
  • Pseudo-Observables: VS, FB
  • Presentation of results together with the HXSWG, feducial cross sections: VS, CPE

Topics for discussion HH:

  1. How big can pp>HH be in concrete UV scenarios
  2. What is the EFT parameter range expected from such scenarios (→ deliverable: c_6 vs Lambda contour plot) CD (composite Higgs), JN (2HDM), CPE, FG
  3. How much can we learn from binned distribution at a small expected signal yield (→ deliverable: compare differential distributions for H>hh (with m_H large) and EFT, binned log-likelihood hypothesis test to quantify consistency)
  4. Backgrounds in HH
    • mass resolution of Higgs tagging (CP and CPE)
      • Can we control Z>bbar (→ deliverable: estimate, simulate or dig out expected resolution)
      • can we disentangle dim 6 effects from qq>HZ leakage
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