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Responsible: Antonio Delgado

Members: Mariano Quiros, Roberto-Vega Morales, Jose Santiago, Marco Nardecchia, Giacomo Cacciapaglia, Aram Apyan, Thomas Flacke, Aldo Deandrea, Benjamin Fuks

H'H' pair production (Giacomo): Searching for typical production cross sections, I found this paper on NLO computation for sleptons: I think that, taking into account the s-channel W, the fact that it's a triplet, and the 13 TeV energy at Run II, we may hope to have sizable xsections up to masses of 500 GeV (roughly).

Suggestion for suitable final states: gamma gamma V V, with hadronic V decays (and double invariant-mass reconstruction); …

Benjamin Fuks: interested in studying H(')H(') loop-induced contributions

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