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2021 Session

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Responsible: Jose Mi No

Members: Ken Mimasu, Werner Porod, Jérémy Bernon, Andrey Katz, Dipan Sengupta


What are the current 8 TeV LHC constraints and 13/14 TeV LHC prospects for new scalars with sizable mass splittings, such that decays H1 → H2 V or H1 → H2 H2 are important/dominant?

Let's consider the above idea more concretely in the context of 2HDM. There is no a priory reason to expect that the neutral states A0, H0 should be close in mass (one of the two has to relatively close in mass to H+ due to T-parameter constraints). When |m_A0 - m_H0| > m_Z, either decay A0 → H0 Z or H0 → A0 Z becomes available.

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