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Higgs Self Coupling and di-Higgs

Interested people: Fabio Maltoni, Minho Son, José Zurita, Benjamin Fuks, Ramona Groeber, Alexandra Carvalho, Shankha Banerjee, Haiying Cai, Biplob Bhattacherjee, Devdatta Majumder …

We will discuss the resonant production together with the “Interference” group.

Idea so far: Parameterise resonant production in terms of 5 parameters. Check when only a subset is necessary, check under which circumstances there is sizeable interference with box and 125 GeV Higgs exchange.
A reference for the singlet model and the interferences is

Further possible discussion points for the kick-off meeting:
1.) status what kind of analysis ongoing?
2.) resonant production searches at the moment in terms of benchmarks, how to benchmark, generalisation, interference?
3.) combination different final states
4.) Scenarios that allow us to observe new physics for first time in HH production?
5.) in EFT analysis BR remain SM-like, can be improved on that?
6.) larger bounds on trilinear Higgs self-coupling can be usually obtained in negative range, but most models have positive deviation, which models have negative deviation?

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