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Responsible: Alexandre Nikitenko

Members: Jose Miguel No, Ken Mimasu, Jérémy Bernon, Daniele Barducci, Eduard Boos, Andreas Goudelis, M. Spira

The process bbA, A→tautau might have very large cross-section (~ 100 pb) in 2HDM Type II in so called “wrong sign Yukawa coupling scenario”arXiv:1412.3385. It motivated CMS analyses with tautau and mumu final state which have the similar sensitivity. The tautau analysis is completed and mumu analysis is going to be completed in June. The analyses select events with single b-tagging. The remaining question to be addressed in Les Houches is contribution of gg→A process in the b-tag. event category. In wrong sign scenario it can be 10 time larger than bbA. The parton level analysis is running on b-loop produced gg→bbA events for two generation setups: with bb pair from gluon splitting by PY8 shower with with full LO ME b-loop produced gg→bbA. The full LE ME events are produced by Olivier Mattelaer with MG5_aMC@NLO. For 1st approach, g→bb from shower the NLO generators POWHEG and MG5_aMC@NLO are used with PY8 showering.

Results are summarized on these slides

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