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Les Houches Higgs Working Group

Session 1

Session 2

Higgs Session 2 Proceedings in preparation (to be updated)

Extension of Rosetta to include constraints on EFT parameters
On the importance of NLO corrections in EFT
Charged Higgs decays to gauge bosons
Low mass pseudoscalar decays to tau leptons
Non-standard monojet signatures at the LHC
Comparison of EFT and BSM Models in associated Higgs and double Higgs production

Responsibles: Veronica Sanz, Adam Falkowski, Christoph Englert

Heavy Higgs decays for large splitting between Higgs partners
Exotic Higgs production

Responsible: Giacomo Cacciapaglia

Mono-Higgs probes of dark matter
Decays of low mass Higgs to gamma gamma
List of proposed topics for session 2
  • Effective field theory approach to Higgs searches at the LHC
  • EFT implementation in Monte Carlo
  • Fiducial Higgs cross sections at the LHC: why, how, and what can be learned
  • Synergy of electroweak precision and Higgs data
  • Triple gauge couplings at the LHC: how to make the analysis better and more model-independent.
  • Presentation of limits from heavy Higgs searches on multi-Higgs models.
  • Complementarity between non-standard Higgs searches and precision Higgs measurements
  • Extra Higgs (light or heavy) searches: which decay channels are not covered?
  • Scalars approximately mass-degenerate with the 125 GeV Higgs boson
  • Higgs studies in the off-shell regime: on-shell and off-shell interference effects, impact on heavy Higgs signal strength measurements, EFT vs simplified models.
  • Prospects for NMSSM Higgs Bosons with Run II
  • “Exotic” decays of h(125) - what is doable with Run II and how ?
  • Exotic production of h(125), disentangling from SM production
  • probing h(125) CP (beyond h→ZZ: fermionic h decays, ttH, …)
  • Higgs and dark matter.
  • Renormalization group effects in the dim 6 EFT space, impact on searches for new physics?
  • status of double Higgs production searches: is there something left to do?
  • WW scattering, unitarization studies
session2 -> session 1 wishlist
  • identify worst systematics for simulating Higgs signals at the LHC
  • discuss data driven determination of ggH contamination in VBF searhces
  • discuss tuning of bbh associated production predictions using bbZ data
experimentalist's projects
  • Apyan Aram (CMS)
    • heavy changed higgs searches for Run2, in particular with H+→chi+chi0 and H+→tau+ nu
  • Bluj Michal (CMS) (can't be in Les Houches unfortunately)
    • measurement of the h((125) CP properties with h→2tau
  • Carrillo Camilo (CMS)
    • search for a low mass h→ 2gammas (down to 60 GeV). The main interest is the exploration of models that this search could constrain.
  • Chanon Nicolas (CMS)
    • Higgs EFT: Trying out Higgs basis (maybe with aMC@NLO) for gluon fusion and connexion with ttH
    • Higgs EFT: EFT studies connecting VBF/VH and aTGC in diboson; could be done with new EFT tool at NLO (Benjamin Fuks et al)
    • Double Higgs in NMSSM
  • Courbon Benoit (CMS)
    • NMSSM/BSM Higgs bosons, final states with photons for Run II
  • Devdatta Majumder (CMS)
    • Resonant production of diHiggs in BSM with both Higgs bosons decaying to bb. Improbved tagging of high pT H→b using jet substructure and flavour-tagging techniques.
  • De Filippis Nicola (CMS)
    • “monoHiggs models”: DM candidates produced in association with a Higgs decaying into 4l. motivated by arXiv:1312.2592
  • Juste Aurelio (ATLAS)
    • FCNC Higgs interactions
    • searches for BSM Higgs bosons in top quark final states
  • Nikitenko Alexander (CMS):
    • BSM bbA: simulation uncertainties; can bbZ help to reduce bbA uncertainties; gg→A “bkg” to bbA;
    • MSSM heavy H/A→sparticles: can it complement the direct sparticles searches ?
  • Oliveira Alexandra (CMS)
    • di-higgs physics in gluon fusion at LHC; would like to understand in which BSM scenarios non-resonant VBF hh could be enhanced more than GF hh
  • Pollard Chris (ATLAS)
    • involved in ATLAS diboson resonance searches (VV, VH, HH), with H→bb and vector bosons decaying to both leptons and hadrons, including BSM A/H decaying to these final states. Most of his effort currently goes towards high-pt top/boson ID and reconstruction: b-tagging, substructure, reconstruction of close-by leptons and jets
    • most interested in discussing new reconstruction techniques and the interpretation of analyses making use of them.
  • Sabes David (CMS)
    • light scalar bosons in SUSY models
  • Ulrich Goerlach (CMS)
    • evaluate what NMSSM benchmark scenarios proposed in arXiv:1408.1120 (Maggie et al) can be measured at RunII
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