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Les Houches

2021 Session

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Compressed spectra, stops, EWinos

If you are interested in contributing please subscribe to the Mailing list. You will be asked to log in with your CERN account. If you don't have a CERN account, please fill this form to create a lightweight account.


  • Proposal to study pp→ chi2,chi3 → gamma l^+ l^- chi1 chi1. Signal with low MET if chi1 much lighter than nearly degenerate chi2,chi3.
  • Higgs to electroweakino ⇒ in Higgs group Higgs to electroweakino
  • EWinos decays to other (light) Higgses e.g. in NMSSM ⇒ cross-section too small if decays into Higgs. Is there anything not covered by 2HDM Higgs searches? Daniele Barducci, Genevieve Belanger, Dipan Sengupta

Compressed spectra

  • Analyse the decay squark → q lepton + RH sneutrino in a regime where the squark, sneutrino splitting is small (as arises in some Pati-Salam type of GUTs). Basic question: How large the splitting must be for the signal to be visible at the LHC? Leader: Werner Porod, other members:???
  • What prospectfo ISR tagging?
  • Studying dilepton invariant mass distribution below 20GeV might be needed if compressed spectra. Leader: ???, other members:???


  • Is light stop totally excluded in the MSSM? Leader:Giacomo P. other members:??? Two holes hard to analyse: 1) stop close in mass with LSP+top, in a regime where top cross-section measurements doesn't help. 2) stop → b chargino in a regime where W is off-shell.
  • Which Higgs mass tool to trust in a regime where stops are around 1TeV. Spheno,softSUSY,suspect VS. FeynHiggs VS. SUSYHD.

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