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LFV and B Decays

If you are interested in contributing please subscribe to the Mailing list. You will be asked to log in with your CERN account. If you don't have a CERN account, please fill this form to create a lightweight account.

Motivation: What kind of LVF signals arise in simple NP explanations for the recently reported anomalies in b to s mumu transitions at LHCb.

Proposed topics for subgroups:

  • Look for possible flavor textures of the SM Yukawas and the NP interactions and work out the LVF implications. Leader: Ken Lane? other members: Diego Guadagnoli?, ???
  • Suppose the NP interactions for lepton flavor non-universality also violate CP through an o(1) NP phase. Are there interesting implications one can test at LHCb? Leader: ???, other members: ???
  • In composite Higgs models with a additional leptoquark pseudo NGB, what level of LVF signals are possible by increasing the lepton partial compositeness (assuming some protection for mu to e gamma)? Leader: Marco Nardecchia, other members: Cedric Delaunay, Alberto Parolini, Florian Goertz, Adrian Carmona, M.Frigerio, A.Bharucha
  • Generalizing the composite framework, we consider both left- and right-handed currents in the lepton sector, but restrict ourselves to new left-handed quark contributions. This can be motivated by the large top-quark mass, which (in a class of models) also leads to a large b_L compositeness, while the right-handed bottom would be rather elementary.
  • We thus consider the operators: …
  • Since the constraints in the up-type sector are less stringent, we focus on the down sector,

Please add your name to the above lists if you're interested to take part in the discussions.

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