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2021 Session

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Photon studies (isolation, fragmentation, resummation...) for direct photon measurements

under construction

  • Next meeting Saturday June 6 at 9AM in Auditorium
  • List of presentations and discussion items:
  • Leandro Cieri: Discussion topics, recall of 2013 LH studies and slides (linked to program)
  • Gudrun Heinrich: Recall of 2013 LH studies and plots
  • Ciaran Williams: triphoton and quadriphoton cross sections measurements and isolation comparisons
  • Mauro Chiesa: Isolated photon production in the POWHEG+MiNLO framework: the W \gamma example

Very interesting but timescale not compatible with LH proceedings:

  • Completion of work of Jean-Philippe Guillet (with Catani, Michel Fontannaz and Eric Pilon) in JHEP09(2013)007 (1306.6498) on resumming LL dependence on isol. cone size. Implementation of resummation of ln r terms in JETPHOX for hollow-cone case should enable to compare smooth to hollow-cone and see if the difference is still O(~1%) as shown for solid-cone by Leandro in LH2013 proceedings.

What could be accomplished for the proceedings? (Blackboard discussion)

  • Survey of current/planned isol. criteria used in LHC exps for direct photon measurements
  • to be continued….
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