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Les Houches

2023 Session

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Responsible: Tevong You

Participants: Adam Falkowski, Natascia Vignaroli, Elena Venturini, Sanmay Ganguly, Giovanni Zevi, Jérémie Quevillon, Dario Buttazzo, David Marzocca, Shankha Banerjee,Biplob Bhattacherjee, Minho Son, Andrew Gilbert, Gustaaf Brooijmans, Kohsaku (Toby) Tobioka, Philippe Gras, Duc Ninh (Ninh) Le, Priscilla, Jose Miguel

4-tops (Dario, David, Sanmay, Tevong, Giovanni, Adam, Priscilla, Ninh)

-Recast existing exp. bounds (Giovanni)

-Generate UFO and improve parton-level 4-top analysis (Dario, David, Giovanni, Adam, Ninh)

-Showering and detector-level differential analysis + machine-learning (Sanmay, Priscilla)

ttbar Delphes events to play with: /eos/atlas/user/p/ppani/HEntuples/ttbarbb14TeV_june28TRY2 (let Priscilla know if you cannot access)

-2D likelihood in k_t vs k_4t plane, with H-parameter line in this plane (Adam)

ZZ (Adam, Jeremie, Shankha, Minho, Andrew, Elena, Gustaaf, Tevong, Ninh)

-Improve ZZ analyses?

WWtj & WWcj (Toby, Natascia, Philippe, Andrew, Minho, Tevong, Sanmay, Elena, Jose Miguel, Adam)

-Background estimate + check existing WW + … analyses (Philippe, Giovanni)

-FeynRules (Natascia, Toby, Jose, Elena)

-Improve on cut & count analysis (Sanmay, Natascia, Toby, Jose, Elena, Philippe, Andrew, Giovanni)

-Charm Yukawa sensitivity (Adam, Sanmay, Toby, Natascia)

First estimation of tt~jj background for WWtj with two same-sign leptons


  • sample used for estimatation: tt~+0,1,2j @NLO with PS with FxFx merging
  • used cross section from MG5_aMC (→ NLO for ttjj)
  • selection:
    • At least one (anti)top with pt > 250 (500) GeV
    • two leptons with pt > 20GeV, |eta| < 2.5
    • At least one forward jet with 2.5 < |eta| < 4.7, E > 300GeV, pt > 30 GeV
    • No requirement on lepton charge, neither for a third W yet
top pt thres. Event yield for 3000fb-1 @13TeV
250 GeV 2113 events
500 GeV 137 events

ttHZ (Shankha, Biplob, Shilpi, Tevong)

Exotic Higgs (Jose, Tevong, Shankha, Natascia, Jeremie, Ken)

CP-odd operators?

See e.g. Refs. [14, 15, 16]


[1] Higgs couplings without Higgs:

[2] H parameter:

[3] ZH differential observables:

[4] WZ polarization measurements from ATLAS (as an example of experimental capabilities):

[5] Angular differential distributions in WZ and W\gamma production:

[6] CMS ZZ→4l anomalous couplings (w/ off-shell)

[7] Off-shell Higgs width in ZZ:

[8] Constraining contact interaction with ZH production:

[9] To generate W/Z polarised samples with MadGraph:

[10] Rosiek SMEFT FeynRules package:

[11] CMS tttt: Same-sign with 137 fb-1: TOP-18-003 (

[12] CMS tttt: All channels with 36 fb-1, and EFTs:

[13] top-philic Z' and tttt:

[14] CP-violating gauge-Higgs operators:

[15] Higgs-CP tests:

[16] CP-violating Higgs & gauge couplings:

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