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Updating the wish-list for precision theory predictions

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Summary of the discussion from 5th June


  1. Update the 2013 list to include the current state-of-the-art
  2. Attempt to quantify the necessary precision for the LHC13 processes considering specific observables
  3. Identify key measurements and summarize the potential experimental precision
  • Higgs pT - resummation of NNLO (N3LL?)
  • jet veto - resummation of NNLO
  • how important is full mt/mb dependence at NNLO - importance for boosted Higgs analyses, high pT
  • full mb dependence could be more important for top/bottom interference
  • QED+QCD at NNLO - important high pT, boosted analyses (what is the state-of-the-art here? can we estimate the size of the missing corrections)
  • top mass measurements: threshold resummed NNLO?
  • W mass measurements (expected experimental accuracy?)
  • W pT - resummation at N3LL for W mass measurements?
  • resummation for pT and jet vetos in W+ W-
General requests
  • specify the details of top decays - NWA etc.
  • should more processes be requested at NNLO+PS?
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