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Les Houches Analysis Description Accord

People: S. Sekmen, H. Prosper, G. Unel, B. Fuks, J. Tattersall, D. Schmeier, C. Pollard, S. Kraml, S. Kulkarni, D. Morse, D. Majumder, N. Desai, D. Sengupta. N. De Filippis, J. Sonneveld, E. Conte, Ph. Gras … etc. (add your name if interested)

If you are interested in contributing please subscribe to the Mailing list. You will be asked to log in with your CERN account. If you don't have a CERN account, please fill this form to create a lightweight account.

Goal: Prepare an SLHA-like easy to read and write accord for describing the flow of an LHC analysis.

First proposal made for a generic structure. CM and MA authors will try to implement a single lepton stop search.

Proposal by Daniel Schmeier & Jamie Tattersall proposal1

Proposal by Nishita Desai, Suchita Kulkarni & Devdatta Majumder proposal2

Combined Proposal by ND, SK, DM, DS & JT: proposal

Combined Proposal from Grenoble 02'16: proposalGrenoble

Proposal to use HEPDATA format for the experiment data section. HEPDATA ( format has recently changed, both old and new formats are text file. New format: (Old format: , see “simple input file”).


  • Binned information should have a simple way to cut it
  • Cuts must not branch but instead can use a common 'predecessor'
  • Syntax must not contain brackets to allow for an easy parsing

To Be Discussed Isues:

  • Format
  • Definition of 'detector constructed' objects like jets, electrons, etc
  • How to enforce documentation of the used objects
  • How to enforce documentation of validation material


  • Acronym: LHADA (Les Houches Analysis Description Accord) and not LHAAD
  • Information about benchmark points
  • Information about process generation needs to be added (merging parameters, generated process, link SLHA file if needed, link to model files etc.)
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